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The 5929 Transportation Website

  This site is Hosted by Nick Hanham, Retired Driver on the Swanage 

I have been involved with the Swanage Railway since January 1973 and taken many pictures of the railway in this time. In 2008 I started a photographic diary of my regular volunteer turns and these pictures are recorded in Swanage Railway Galleries.

I have had a passion for all types of transport throughout my life and now wish to share this interest, in photographic form, with all who are like-minded.

This web site has been developed since January 2010.
In addition to the Swanage Railway, all sorts of transport in the UK and Worldwide is now on offer since I began photography in 1953.

The site now contain many more non transport pictures.

Please also note that the sites are mainly made up of random pictures with no specific order or information, except dates and location. I hope the viewer will simply delve in and look at events as they took place and enjoy the transport and other photographs.

All the pictures in the Galleries have been taken by your Host & Webmaster Nick Hanham, with a few exceptions taken by your Host's Wife and late Mother. 
My photography is via public access.
Any pictures taken on private property were taken by permission.
I do not tolerate or condone trespass to obtain pictures. 

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Very Best Wishes To You
Nick Hanham
Poole, Dorset
United Kingdom
This site started JANUARY 2010
Upgraded AUGUST 2018 

Your Host & Webmaster driving 34072 - 257 Squadron 
on the Swanage Railway.

During my time on the Swanage Railway as Cleaner, Fireman, Passed Fireman and Driver, I have kept a record of the mileage I have travelled since 1980.

Mileage From
1980 to 2016


I retired from driving in 2016 after 32 years as a driver
on the Swanage Railway.

GWR 4-6-0 Locomotive 5929 Hanham Hall (Below) 

Designed by: Charles Collett.
Class Code: 4900
Built: GWR Swindon Works 1933-06-30.
Weight of loco: 72 tons 10 cwt.

Weight of tender: 46 tons 14 cwt.
Boiler pressure: 225 lbs/sq in Su.
Cylinders: Two 18x30 outside.
Valve gear: Stephenson (piston valves).
Driving wheels: 6' 0''
Tractive effort: 27,275 lbs.

First shed: 87H Neyland.
Last shed: 86G Pontypool Road.
Withdrawn: 1963-10-31.Disposal details; R.S.Hayes/Birds. Tremains Yard, Bridgend, Glamorgan.
Disposal: Cut up 1964-02-28.