How to use the 5929 site

Due to the volume of pictures on the site, some Albums may take a few moments to load. 1) On the Home page click on the title you wish to view: Aircraft, Anything Goes 5929 etc. 2) You will then have a choice of albums to view. Scroll down for Albums and click on one to see pictures. 3) Album pictures are mostly in date order with the latest dates at the top. 4) Pictures are in standard landscape or portrait format. Click on any picture to enlarge this will go to another screen. Use left or right arrows to continue self operated slide show. Auto Slide Show: scroll to bottom of picture Album and click on slide show. To pause the slide show hover over the picture with cursor. To continue move cursor off picture. Click on the i icon to bring up the picture caption. Click on the speech bubble to leave a comment. To return to picture selection, click on the X at top right hand corner. 5) THE SITE IS ADVERT FREE: you go straight to the pictures. 6) The only advertising is in LINKS and is mainly directed at UK Heritage Railways, Family Businesses and Anytech Solutions (5***** Business) who built the site.